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Help Someone hacked my Google calendar!!

Dec 23, 2018
Please help me! I must have downloaded an app yesterday that hacked my Google Calendar and filled it with Spam events! There are hundreds! I uninstalled every app that I installed yesterday and went in and cleaned my cache but they're still there! I'm really nervous that someone is going to steal my information! Can someone please tell me what to do I'm begging you?? Thank you!
If your Google calendar is hacked then all of your Google accounts are now hacked. And your information is compromised.
Log out of everything on all devices and login to your Gmail account, setup a brand new password, enable 2 step verification, then in your Gmail settings, check your trusted devices. If any of them do not correspond to you, delete them...
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what app did you download?

i doubt you were hacked. this sounds more like adware which is waaay different then being hacked.

edit: just wipe cache and data for the app you downloaded and then uninstall the app. make sure you do it in that order. if you do bot and cache and data remain, there is a chance it could reinfect your phone.
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This doesn't sound like it's a matter where your Google account has been compromised but more a matter where some misbehaving app you installed inserted multiple, alternate calendars into the Calendar app.
Before you resort to more drastic measures, open up the Calendar app, and go into the app's Settings menu to disable/delete any calendars you don't normally use. (In the app, is there a hamburger menu, three horizontal lines, in the upper left menu bar? Tap on that and scroll down to see your calendars list, and uncheck the 'spammy' ones.)
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This just happened to me can someone help please.
In order to determine if your Calendar problem is with the Calendar app on your phone or if it's happening with the calendar service that's integral to your online Google account. Two different things that will likely involve different solutions.
-- Please post more details about just what kind of problem are you having with your Calendar.
-- Do you have syncing enabled between your phone's Google Calendar app with your online Google account, or not (your calendar data only resides in your phone)?
-- If you log into your Google account calendar, is it showing the same problem as on your phone?
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