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Someone help me out? looking for LS670ZVD flash

My phone is having the problem where the screen stays black during a phone call no matter what you do and the only way to get off the black screen is to do a battery pull. I have been told that flashing the phone with LS670ZVD will fix this issue. The phone is not rooted it is just version LS670ZVD... I want to just flash this on top of the other which is supposed to fix this bug... I cant seem to find the file, and honestly its been so long I cant remember how to flash to the optimus s, if anyone can help me it would be a big help.
I was calling it flash but I just remembered, on Motorola Droid they were called .Sbf files. you could use this file to completely flash your phone back like it was never rooted or anything. In my case I want to use the .sbf to fix the bug I am having. Anyone have the .sbf so I can use RSDlite and fix my phone?
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So I think I was able to solve my own problem after hours of confusing posts... too bad this phone has to be so complicated. But I found out the files I was looking for are called .cab on the Optimus S. This guide was able to help me a lot [How-to] Revert to LS670V9, after installing OTA LS670VC/VD, using KP500 (Diag mode) - Android Forums. Thanks to the OP

...the most confusing thing in this guide was that the .cab ZIP files have to be saved to that file in the previous step... for whatever reason I was trying to open the zip which gives an error.

EDIT: I was not able to fix the black screen during phone calls buy using this method.

EDIT: Ok so Just in case this can help someone else, I figured out the problem was that I had a skin screen protector on the front of the phone that was covering the proximity sensor that is up near the "S" in Sprint. This was causing the phone to stay dark while in a call.
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