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Help Someone please test this mobile DB on Samsung Moment!


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Nov 10, 2009
Maryland, USA
I just learned about Memento in the Applications Wanted forum. It is a mobile database similar to SmartList on Palm OS. See Memento 1.2.0 (LuckyDroid) - Details - AndroidGear and

Android market url: market://search?q=pname:com.luckydroid.droidbase

The Moment is not listed as a compatible device on the web page. Not sure if a higher version of Android is required. Can someone please test? This is what I need to get me off Palm OS!

Just found the developer's site, which indicates it works on Android OS 1.6: Memento luckydroid.com

Is it possible to upgrade the Moment to 1.6 by rooting and using the custom kernels mentioned in this forum?

:rolleyes: For a quicker answer, no. AFAIK, there's no >>stable<< upgrade beyond 1.5 available for the Moment.

To the OP, you're out of luck...for maybe a month or two. Hopefully, our patience will be rewarded!
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