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Help Something I've noticed on the DX


Jul 8, 2010
Hey well I recently went from an iphone 3g to the EVO to the DX, and while I definitely like the DX the most out of all 3 there's something that I think might keep the iphone ahead in terms of apps for a while. On the iphone, every app is designed specifically for just the iphone, and thus will (if its a good quality app) run perfectly on it. Coming from a iphone 3g to essentially the DX, I've noticed a large number of apps were clearly not designed for the DX, nor for a phone with this size screen. Many apps appear quite blurry and stretched, and some do not even fit at all...Now I know this is not an extremely large issue but it kind of made me realize that developers did not mean for their apps to be on this size of screen before popular phones like the EVO and DX came out. Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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