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sorry - probably common questions


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Jan 14, 2012
Devon, UK
I am only starting to pay for apps and also to use some that store my personal data ( note, calendar, that sort of thing), so I'm thinking that I need to fully understand what i may have to do in the event of a complete failure of my tab or if I need to do a factory reset.

So, bearing in mind that I do not intend to root, how can I recover 'paid for' apps and also data that I've stored using apps? Is that easily possible without rooting and if so, how?

I see that if I log into Google play, it shows the apps I've currently got on my tab. Could I use that to recover apps to my tab if I need to? But what about the data contained in them?

Thanks. That's what I feared.

Seems pretty poor to me. Even my very old Psion series 3a had pc backup software.

So if I start using the inbuilt calendar app and I get a problem next year, say, I could potentially lose the lot?


Calendar, Contacts etc., are of course backed up using Google.

Application data like game progress cannot be saved without an external app.
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Thanks. I'm not really into games and I only have a WiFi version, so I would need backup of things like planner and s note. Is new data I add to them automatically saved on my Google account, and then restored if I need to, or do I have to do anything? How could I test that I wonder.


I doubt Samsung apps get backed up using Google. Is anything, check if Samsung KIES can back them up or maybe the Samsung Account does that.

Edit: I think yo ucan send notes to Dropbox etc. quite easily.
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I keep a usb memory stick that I basically just copy my files to periodically for work. Call it a back up a copy or whatever. Not very high tech but it works for me.

If you keep your tablet in sync with a pc on your network, and that pc is backed up to a network hard drive, your also technically backing up the tablet. That's basically what I have happening. I just haven't fallen in love with all the cloud storage out there yet.
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One further question - is s planner the inbuilt calendar?

Also, I've discovered a place where the s notes files are kept, so I can arrange my own backup of them if kies doesn't do it.

Must look into what kies can do here, backup wise. I want to be confident of backing up stuff before I start inputting my own data.

Cheers all.
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Yes s planner is default calender. It will sync with Google calender and keep everything synced on other devices.

Was looking in settings and saw this back up setting. Not sure what it actually means but it does say "app data" in the upper right. Did not really pay attention to it before and not sure if it's been discussed what exactly it's backing up.
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Forgot the screenshot


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Yes, I wonder what that actually does? Anyone know the detail? Does it refer to backing up data to my Google account, or Google Play account?

Android settings like wallpaper and stuff like that are backed up using Google Backup. Also installed apps, but not their data. No idea what ellse, but a quick Google search would probably answer the question for those who want to know.
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