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Help Speaker stopped working


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Mar 10, 2010
So...my speaker just stopped working. In the middle of a call (on speakerphone, obviously). I really am just posting this to rant, as it annoyed the heck out of me.

I am rooted, but new ROM and wipe did not fix it. It is almost definitely hardware. I have to flash to stock and see if I can get a new phone. Are there refurbs, or does anyone think I will have luck getting a brand new phone?

EDIT: speaker or mic? My comments are regarding the mic (caller can't hear you). If it's the speaker, VZW will have no problem swapping out your phone for a new one, assuming they have stock in store.

Welcome to the club.

It's a known issue that VZW has acknowledged, but there is no known fix yet and it only seems to affect some users. Coincidentally, I unrooted my phone this morning and plan to raise holy hell at a VZW store to get a new (non-Nexus) phone. I love this phone in every other way, but I can't have a phone that randomly drops the mic on phone calls.

Out of curiousity, where are you located? There is a theory that this issue is regional.
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VZW gave me a new one my first exchange, but that was 4 days after the GNex release :) The second swap got me a refurb in the mail.

Anywho, if it was the speaker, if it happens again see if you can play ringer and alarm sounds, but not media/phone sounds. If that's the case, the GNex thinks you have headphones plugged in, and I pretty much assured myself it was hardware (new ROMs, stock, factory resets, still saw the issue happen with the phone literally sitting there [I set up a Tasker 'alarm' to tell me when I plugged headphones in, it kept just going off randomly at times]).

I haven't seen many others with this issue, but just throwing out the symptoms/prognosis for my particular problem, which was only 'fixed' via a hardware swap.
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Verizon basically told me to screw off and get a refurb. It will be delivered Monday. I strongly believe in being nice to reps and greeters as more often than not they are just doing their job, but I told a greeter not to be stupid. He told me that the refurb would be delivered via two day shipping and come Wednesday (none of which was true, thankfully), so I asked him if I was supposed to not know if my phone was ringing or not until them. His response was "Well...if you wanted to you could look at it--the screen still works". Right. Thanks...great advice. He was a bit taken aback when I told him not to be stupid. The people around me got a good laugh out of it, as they were forming a line to sign in and had heard his absurd response.

Oh well...it happens. I am sort of irked I am not getting a new phone, but so long as the refurb works I do not care too much.

Thanks for all the suggestions,

PS I tried everything. Alarms, music, speakerphone, youtube app...it does not play at all. Also, there is no headphone notification.
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This happened to me a few weeks back. Bought the Nexus day one of availability and then the phone started acting up...laggy, glitchy and then the ear speaker just cut out during a call. Couldn't get it to work right away. Then sometimes it would work and then other times not. Ended up getting a replacement from Verizon (refurb). My original was completely stock.
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