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Help Splashtop HD

Oh, so it IS there? Does it function just like the app found in Google Play, or is it something stripped down?

I believe it is exactly the same as the stand alone version, just captured inside the my cloud framework. I use it quite a bit and it works very well. I've looked at the market version, but for $10, it isn't worth it not to have to open my cloud and then splashtop.
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....for $10, it isn't worth it not to have to open my cloud and then splashtop.

I found a workaround!

I was looking to see if I could long-press the homescreen to get the context menu, as I wanted to see if I could create a shortcut to directly enter Splashtop and bypass the OEM app. Well, after being disappointed at the fact that long-pressing only brings up the wallpaper menu (Boo!), I did some googling and found that Any Cut can create shortcuts in ICS. Lo and behold, it was able to make a direct shortcut to Splashtop HD. How sweet is that? :D (can you tell I'm a little stoked?)
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