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Root [Sprint] 4G service


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May 2, 2011
New to the forum, name is King Jay but known as Jay. I had a simple question that maybe a developer could look into, I have the note 2 since Friday awesome phone might I add. But I had it flashed to boost mobile service which only requires 3G, do anyone think they're is a way to get 4G working on a flashed phone like the note 2? Thanks
This guy I paid actually flashed my phone and I discovered the only reason that guy had 4G on that video cause he put his ip address in his modem selection giving him 4G
Boost does of course use sprint towers. Boost sells 4glte phones. Example would be their HTC One SV. My son had one. Could not get 4glte as there are no towers where we live. He could go to another larger city 30 miles east of us and it would work.
The thing is that your phone is CDMA. It has a MEID number that is registered on Boosts network. Normally when you flash a CDMA phone. That MEID number tells the network if your phone is 4glte capable.
Depending on how this guy flashed your phone? He may have flashed it as a 3g(CDMA only). You really need to talk to him. Ask him if he used a donor phone? Ask him how your phone is identified on Boost network? The network will not give out a LTE IP address to a device it sees as 3G.
I do know there are flash services out there that promise 4g. It would be interesting to see what he says...Let us know.
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