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Root [Sprint] How to remove "System Update" notification


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Feb 14, 2011
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Rooted, stock ROM. Got a notification this morning about the System Update being downloaded and it's ready to install. I don't want to install it but the notification is stuck up there. How can I deny/remove this notification and prevent it from installing? I would rather maintain root than have the update. Thanks.
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I found a way to get rid of the notification. Go to Settings>Application Manager>All>Google Services Framework and then uncheck "Show notifications".

Don't think this will prevent the update from self-installing if it decides to do that, but it gets rid of the notification up at the top of the screen. And probably an other update notifications.
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one way to stop notifications is to flash a custom rom

Yes, but I'm not quite ready to switch ROMs just yet. It can be a lot of work setting everything up (after making a nandroid)...so I want to wait until I figure out which ROM I want and then a free weekend so I can sit down and do it. I use my phone for work so I can't afford down time.
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I've had the Google services framework notification off, yet I've got a system update notification now, too. -_- I'm wanting to stay rooted for the rare time I need to use it as a WiFi hotspot for my tablet.... wonder if there is a way to root it on 4.4? If not, i'll just have to tolerate the notification, I guess.

Greetings. I, unfortunately, updated a rooted LG Volt then lost root after theupdate. Like you, I wanted to keep functioning wifi hotspot app on my kitkat 4.4.2 device (they're somewhat challenging to find).
So after downgrading:mad: to previous version & re-rooting I continue to get unwanted system notification. Have tried, Titanium, ROM Toolbox, Quarantine, and "Disable apps" app without success. Incidentally, system update box in Google Frameworks was already UNCHECKED. Did you ever find a method that works? Thanks
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