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Root [Sprint] Location toggle on Samsung s4 Sph-l720t warning


Android Expert
Nov 19, 2009
I Firstly I wasn't sure how exactly how to word the title so those that are more savvy at wording please change if need be.

Secondly, I saw that I was having issues with my battery draining, so I decided to look into this. This also affected my 7500mah extended battery as well.

While toggling GPS via the toggle it works fine and toggles on and off BUT, if you go into location (long hold gps toggle) this will send you to the location in settings. If you slide the switch to on, exit out, you'll see gps is on. Now if you toggle gps off via the GPS toggle you supposedly turn off gps and in theory location "should" turn off as well, but....... it does not even though it shows gps as off, location is STILL on.
I noticed this and manually went into location and turned it off, and bingo my battery life is back to normal not draining the crap out of the battery.

I'm not exactly sure what affects this and keeps location staying on but if you are having mysterious battery drain, this could be the cause.
My suspicion would be that new Google update put out that you can disable the GPS toggle notification by ticking "do not show this again" that Google released with the Google update a few weeks ago.

Of course of you keep gps on all the time this does not concern or affect you, but if you are like me and toggle things on and off this is a major concern.
Just so you know, if you did not tick the "do not show" box and still get the pop-up message, you can still replicate this affect by just hitting the hardware back arrow key on the phone to get rid of the message that pops up when you toggle gps on/off, it then leaves location on as well when you hit gps off via the toggle.

I'm not sure how to fix this but my concern is if an app uses location at all there is a chance that location can be left on, which in turn can drain the battery.

I have tested this on 2 sprint s4 phones and get the same result.

Did some testing and found out it is goggles update they did with Google play services.
If you tick the box that says "do not show this again" it then sets the location mode to toggle between battery saver and high accuracy modes. In order to use gps only mode you have to set it manually every time. Once location is on it doesn't turn off either it toggles to battery save mode, not off.
For me personally I am sticking with the agree and disagree popup, because I don't need location on all the time, not even in battery save because in my case even then it still drains the battery a notice amount.
To get location to toggle but not stay on all the time, you need to use gps only mode. This is what Google disables (sorta) when you choose not to show the message again.

For those wanting to enable the notification popup again, the way I did it was, go to app management, go to all, scroll down to Google play services and uninstall updates, then update Google play services again and you should have the notification popup again.


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