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Sprint Navigation and Native Messages always running!!


May 17, 2010
Well, the thread title is a little mis-leading. But, it seems whenever I recieve a text message ( i am only using ChompSMS as well!) then Sprint Navigation and Messages (the native app) will be running in my Task Manager directly after. I understand that the device being Linux and not WinMo that multi-tasking does not deplete battery or performance, it is just VERY annoying that my Sprint HTC Hero is running apps on its own, and I would like to know why. Thank you, and I appreciate your guy's time.
Not sure why navigation runs, but Messages runs because ChompSMS (and Handcent) pull their information from the native app.

So.... the native app HAS to run so that it can get the information from the network and send it to Chomp.

Sweet, Thanks Kelmar. I'm upset I didnt just realize that myself, but I guess the Navigation thing messed me up.

Then my next question would be... Since ChompSMS is opening up that native Messages app, is it also opening up that Dialer problem where it will not allow my phone to go to sleep ? And also ChompSMS doesn't open up Messages when it sends a SMS, so it does not use the native app to send anything?
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