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Sprint New ota update

Where can I get the Sprint update you mentioned? I'm having a hard time finding anything about it in the forums.


I have been checking my "Samsung Software Update" option in my settings. "Menu-Settings-More-System Update-Update Samsung Software"...Nothing so far..

Oh by the way,

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You guys know you can force the update by killing google services framework right? Took me 3 times but was able to force the update.

In case you're not familiar with this trick:


I tried this trick and every time I try to update the Samsung software, I get a message that the process com.samsung.syncservice has stopped working. Also, Google Services Framework is no longer in my App manager. I may have done something wrong, though.
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I just got done installing the update manually. I have a problem though. I have the 'No Connection - Retry' error in the Google Play Store app. I've tried clearing the cache and even uninstalling the updates for it. No luck. Any ideas besides resetting the phone?

I had the same issue. I deleted my gmail account (or the account associated with the market) and "reinstalled" it. That seemed to do the trick.
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