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[Sprint] Rooted: After ROM Install - Pics/Music Disspear from View


Jun 23, 2010
Rooted my Galaxy Nexus - Sprint the other day.

Not a stranger to rooting, had a nexus s and evo before that (and more smart phones etc before that)... but am having something odd going on.
Transfered pics from previous phone along with music and ringtones. They show up when I first bring a rom up (have tried 3-4 today and only installed basic stuff). Literally, you can go into the gallery app and watch the photos be found, and then start to be removed.

After a few minutes of running - none of the pics or music are visable in the gallery or google play. If I grab a file explorer program - they are all there. Also QuickPic shows the pictures.

What the heck is going on here? It's like a process is scanning the folders, seeing them and then deciding to discard the files from view.

Strange stuff.

Is it possible something on the storage card got hosed? I'd wipe it but the recovery files, backup etc are on there. I've seen some reports of this happening to others - but most say to clear data or use SDRescan - and that's not worked for me. In fact, running that actually removes from view any music or photos recently taken.

I don't want to restore to stock, but am starting to think that might be the only way to solve this.
From what I have been reading - this issue is caused by ROM manager and a file .nomedia being placed in the root of the SD Card.

From XDA:

Instructions (via erishasnobatter):
delete the file (.nomedia) from sdroot
clear media storage data
remove ROM manager

It may take 5-10 minutes for the media files to appear.

So - not knowing the answer yet - I was removing the .nomedia file and trying everything but couldn't get the new roms to see my pics and music. Highly frustrating and messed around for a day clearing cache, clearing program data. Still nothing. Ran SDRescan and similar programs - nothing.

By chance after pulling the .nomedia file from the SD Root with ES Filie Explorer (be sure to check the option to see hidden files) installed PowerAMP Free Version media player to see if it would see the music. After it did it's own scan - suddenly - everything started showing up in the play music player, apollo and gallery. Something about what it does kick started Android into seeing things. Odd.

Hopefully, this issue is being addressed in the updates to rom manager.
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