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Sprint stores opened early for the Pre - will they for EVO?

We all should keep our eyes and ears open to info regarding what time Sprint stores will openon June 4th. When the Palm Pre launched last year, Sprint planned on being open late at nigt the night before launch day...but for some reason, those plans got canceled last minute. But they DID open their stores at 8am, two hours earlier than normal. Will they do the same for the EVO? No word from Sprint yet, but those who plan on buying directtly from a Sprint store should keep keen on the idea that Sprint stores may open early on June 4th. :)
Most Sprint stores will open early unless they have some property or other related restriction.

Why buy from a Sprint store - lots of people want to have it purchased and set up at an "official" location that's nearby and are ok with fewer discounts/perks if they can just go back to that location if they have problems. Some will buy from Sprint just because they're in the store to buy a phone and just happen into the Evo. And some will buy from a Sprint store so they can get the accessories and everything set up exactly the way they want it.

It's a personal choice. Not one meant for getting the best value.
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I've always though Sprint not pre-selling at Sprint stores was designed to get some supply and the crush out to other retailers but have people desparate then just make the quick stop at a Sprint store to get the Evo-fix. Why not have BB and RS tell people "we're out" than a Sprint store, especially if Sprint has sent large inventory to Sprint retail locations?
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I was looking at Sprint stores near me, and there appears to be several different stores.

"Sprint Store By United Cellular"

"Sprint Store By The Customer Center"

"Sprint Store"

Does it matter which one? Is one better than the other?

I am trying to figure out which one to call to see if they open at 8am.

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Sprint store in downtown Seattle (Union St.) will be opening one hour early at 8 am.

Sprint store in downtown Seattle (Westlake mall) will be opening one hour early at 9 am.

FWIW, I was told in a Sprint on line chat this morning you would be able to place orders on line at 12:00 am EDT June 4. I'm assuming that means 9 pm PDT June 3. Delivery is 2-5 business days.

FWIW, this morning a Sprint phone rep said they will take phone orders at 7 am EDT June 4. (May be able to get next day delivery by paying for it.)
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