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Help Start up problem

Hello to all my form fellows.
one of my friend got desire HD with stock ROM gingerbread 3.2. he installed a live wall paper from android market. upon applying that wall paper, phone started loading. now phone is frozen :(. it keeps on loading and its four touch keys dont work. infact phone itself is not responding.
it is maily due to incompatibility of the wall paper. how can i restore the phone :thinking: and get rid of that wall paper which is highly bugged...any good solution...

Take care all of you and have a happy weekend....:)
He can try removing the battery, turning on the phone by pressing the volume down button, and while volume down is being pressed, press power.

The phone will boot into a simple menu. One of the options if factory reset. You can select this by using the volume buttons to navigate, and the power button to select..

This will restore the phone to factory stock condition. All the data in the phone and apps will be erased though. Data in the SDCard should remain untouched.
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