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Help Status of compass problem on Inc 2


May 24, 2011
Just an FYI to people - both HTC and Verizon have confirmed to me that there's a problem on *all* Incredible 2s regarding compass information in some apps.

This bug occurs in Google Maps, Sky Map, Monocle in Yelp, etc... basically most apps that know which direction you're facing (except, oddly, regular compass apps which work fine); the problem is that the phone sometimes swaps around north and south.

So for instance, if you start up Google Maps and look at the little blue arrow that points where you are facing, if you stay in place and turn in a circle, you'll see that although the arrow points the right way when you face east or west, it points the opposite of where it should when you face north or south.

Or, if you use an augmented reality app like Sky Map, you'll see a similar problem: if you swing the phone left or right, the screen will usually pan the wrong way.

As I said though, this problem doesn't happen with the regular compass apps I've tried. There also doesn't seem to be a problem when navigating, since once you start moving, the navigation/map app apparently calculates your direction based on your current and previous GPS coordinates, rather than the phone's compass.

I've spoken to tech support at both VZW and HTC within the past week, and both have confirmed they have observed this problem on all Inc 2s, and both have confirmed that there will be a software update from HTC to fix this, although they are unable to provide an ETA (except that the HTC guy said this update would be available before the Android 2.3 update for the Inc 2).
This has bugged me too. Just got back from Europe, they said use VZ Navigator when I go, neither worked. Then they put me on the wrong data plan and TURNED ME OFF while traveling! Said I ran a $500 bill in 2 days. Impossible. After navigation didn't work I turned off the phone.

Time for unlock and a traveling SIM
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