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Sticking around a while

I am happy with my S2. I don't feel the need to upgrade. My S2 was a fairly big purchase and is a major jump in performance from my little Prevail. To spend that much again I would need a higher jump than anything Boost is offering right now.

Well put CG. It was a big purchase for me too, and I got a pretty sweet deal last year on Black Friday. I'm not typically a "full price" guy unless it's something I #1-know I won't be able to get a discount at a later date for whatever reason, or #2 I absolutely can't live without said object.

This thing is doing absolutely everything I need it to do. My brother in law showed me how he can scroll webpages on his S4 without touching it. I can live without that for a while (forever?) :D

So when Boost gets a new phone that just blows my mind, AND my S2 is showing its age, AND there's a sweet deal to be had, I'll upgrade.

I STILL get people asking me "that's a nice phone, what kind is it?!" probably once a week. Makes me chuckle I'm on a pre-paid plan and the phone still looks baller to the rest of the world who doesn't eat/sleep/breathe technology like we do.

Sticking with it for the foreseeable future!
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