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Still having signal issues? Better call VZW!

I am one of those people who has been having connection issues with my GNex since the day I took it home. I finally had enough and brought it back to the store yesterday. They took the phone back but did charge me a restocking fee which I feel I shouldn't have to pay considering if the phone worked, I would have kept it.

So I called VZW, got escalated to a higher tier, explained the situation to the supervisor who said I have to pay the fee. The reason is because I never called for tech troubleshooting. If I had called and they didn't find anything I could have done to fix it, they would have allowed the return. I said a quick search on the internet shows I am not the only one with this problem.
That's when he said "Well, I looked into it, but there are no open tickets. There is a fix coming for the signal bar accuracy, but nothing open regarding weak signal strength."

So, for anyone planning to return this phone: Make sure you call up for tech troubleshooting first.
For anyone with weak signal planning to keep this phone: Better call up and log a ticket cause VZW is playing dumb.

Between the 3 in-store and 2 telephone VZW employees I talked to, they all asked why I wanted to return this great phone. I said the same thing each time, it is a great phone and if it was able to keep up the connection as well as my 2yr old Droid Eris I would have loved to keep it.

I have a Rezound on the way now but I did want to wish you all with signal issues good luck. I hope there is a firmware/software fix incoming because its a shame for such a great phone to be crippled by one vital weakness.

I charged it up and took a couple screenshots before I left work yesterday to show what I have been dealing with:


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I am on the phone now with Verizon. If I have to get a replacement, it may as well be now before I get any more invested in this one :(

Man sorry to hear about that Chief, hope you can get a new one without any issues. I remember you from the OG Droid days, nice to see so many of us moving over to this phone. Hopefully it can be everything you expected.
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