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Help Still low memory after moved all to SD

Hi all,

Firstly, I believe you need the following info according to the sticky at the top...
Android Version: 2.2
Orange / T-mobile (UK)
Taskiller Used?:
Advanced Task Killer
[Optional]Are You rooted & which Rom:
Not sure what this means, sorry.

I have a problem with the internal memory on my Desire - I can't see what's using it, but I keep getting a "low memory" warning in the notification bar. I have App2SD and have used it to show me that the only things on the internal memory that can't be moved are:
Gmaps (11.6MB), Gmail (5.4), Market (3.8), YouTube (3.7) , TuneIn Radio (3), Webroot (2.6), ATK (280kB), Shush ringer restorer (120kB).

By my reckoning that's less than 32MB, but App2SD shows that I only have 11.9MB free out of the available 148MB. Am I missing something obvious? I remember when it was first launched there was a concern about how low the internal memory was on these which they overcame with a large external memory card, but that seems a ridiculously low amount of memory being used by my apps compared to the total that's being used somewhere else.

I should have mentioned above... I go through regularly and clear the cache on everything as well, so I don't think that's the issue.

Any thoughts or ideas greatly appreciated - I've scanned this forum (and a few others too) and not come across anything I should do that I'm not already doing.

Cheers, Moose.
It just means you have installed to much applications for a stock rom...
Even if you use app2sd, some data just can't be moved.
If you go to your application manager, you will see which apps you have installed and how much memory they are using.
I once had an app of ca. 10mb and after clicking on the button "Move to SD", it still showed ca. 9mb, so only 1mb was moved, which off course isn't that much.
So you have 2 options:
- remove some apps
- root your phone and install a custom rom.

Either way: good luck!
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