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Help stock camera app is glitched


Android Enthusiast
Aug 2, 2011
I am having these issues where the camera app would sometimes glitch and the manual focus feature works when it wants to. Basically if I set the focus option to manual, I have to back out of the app and then go back in it for it to actually work. When it doesn't work, the macro/infinity slider that determines focal distance basically does nothing, like the camera lens doesn't focus or change distance. Backing out then reopening will fix it, sometimes it'll stop again though. When the manual focus is glitched, all of the other settings don't work and get glitched up as well when I try to change back to auto or something, also the auto iso doesn't want to change either, again, backing out will fix it, but I have to keep the focus on auto for it to not mess up the next time I reopen the app.

Another issue is that the camera app would randomly freeze or act erratic, crash, and then my phone would just reboot by itself unexpectedly.

I cannot get rid of these issues. I tried clearing cache, data, and factory resetting does nothing. The camera app is glitched by default.

software is 12b. They need to seriously fix this. If they're not bringing us kit kat, at least give us an update to fix these glitches.


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