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Help Stock Camera Keeps crashing


Jul 18, 2010
I am rooted but don't have a custom rom installed. I have GOLauncher EX and I use Titanium backup pro.

So, I have multiple camera alternatives to the stock camera but I do use the stock one on occasion. Anywho, I used the stock camera just 3 or 4 days ago to take a video. I go to use it today and it crashes and I get a "an unexpected error has occurred" warning orange triangle in the notification bar. I try uninstalling the other camera apps because I've read that sometimes they act bad but I get nothing.

So, I go to titanium backup and somehow the camera and the firmware are not installed. I go to re-install the camera and firmware which are backed up and Titanium just continually says "restoring app" and nothing happens.

I even re-flashed back to stock and the camera still isn't there. What gives? Anybody have any ideas

UPDATE: I tried installing the stock camera apk that i downloaded and put on my memory card but it keeps saying "app was not installed" This is getting really frustrating.


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