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Stock Messages App, Sleeping, ATK, and Handcent


May 18, 2010
Hey everyone! So I know I'm new to posting but since I got my Droid two months ago I have been here a lot getting all of the answers to my questions. You all have been so thorough and so helpful that I have not needed to post because I can usually find my answers here. I apologize that this is long winded...

Since Day 2 when I noticed my Awake Time at 100% and my miserable battery life, I read up on the Stock Messages App not allowing the phone to sleep. So I got myself Handcent, disabled notifications and auto-retrieve on the Stock app, and got Advanced Task Killer (ATK) to help manage my apps. I noticed sometimes when I ran 1.5 that when I received a message, my Handcent would light up, I'd get no interference from Messages, and yet, in ATK (and ATM, I tested there too), the stock messages app began running.

Since switching to 2.1 and dealing with all that BS (thanks to you guys I've cleared up most of my problems), I have noticed that EVERY TIME I receive a text, Messages will be running. I have gotten into the habit of every time after I read a text, hitting the ATK widget to kill Messages (FYI I have ATK not kill Handcent, as that does not seem to keep my phone awake). But if I do not notice a text or I get one at night, it's a major issue. Usually if I charge my phone before I go to bed and I shut off 3G, my phone will stay at 100% or maybe slip to 99%. But the other night when I got a text message at 2am that did not wake me up, it was 85% when I woke up, and of course Messages was on the ATK list.

Here are things I know:
- Messages keeps the phone awake.
- You cannot uninstall Messages unless you root the phone (I don't feel like going through that...)
- Many users discourage using a task killer.

My questions for you are:
- Am I missing a setting in the Messages App or in Handcent that will stop Messages from launching when I receive a text?
- Am I missing an update or software fix from HTC or Google?
- Is there any app out there that you know of that will automatically kill another app after it opens? (I know that there are ones that kill apps when the End button is pressed, but if I am sleeping and a text comes I don't know that that will solve the problem).
- Does anyone have any other insight into why ATK or other task killers are bad BUT ALSO can solve my problem? If I uninstall ATK, I don't see how Messages won't still run my battery out...

Thanks in advance guys. I know a lot of people post repeat questions and if my specific question is answered somewhere, please redirect. I've looked and looked and have not found the exact answer I need... you guys rock!


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