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Stopping music/radio apps from starting up by themselfwhen connected with bluetooth?


Feb 19, 2020
I like my Pixel 6A. It works great and much better than I expected. ((It replace a Saumsung S20+5g 512gig that was lost last summer)

I am frustrated that when I connect any Bluetooth sound devices (car, Cardo headset, bluetooth earpiece etc,) that either Spotify or Tunein Radio start up and play music or radio. I use these apps on a regular basis but only want them to come on when I ask them to do so as opposed to them just coming on by themselves.

My Pixel is running Android 13 with the latest updates.

Any idea how to stop this from happening?


don't have tunein, but i do have spotify and i do not have this issue. it never plays as soon as i am connected to my bluetooth speakers or my buds. try turning spotify off in the background. there is a toggle that turns spotify connect off while running in the background. mine was on and i still don't have your issue. but maybe it might still work for you.
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Googling "android setting turn on music when connected to bluetooth" got me to
The last answer on the page (as of today), says
the setting of whatever app starts up when you connect your blue tooth typically has a setting "allow external devices to start playback" disable this and you will no longer be annoyed by this. Great example is youtube music is set to allow this by default.

That's confirmed by this site

Hope that leads to a resolution for you.
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Open the Spotify and Tunein Radio apps, and look for any settings related to Bluetooth auto-play or auto-start. Disable these settings if they are turned on.
Tune-IN has a selection "Autoplay" with description "Turn ON to resume your last stream when tune In launches" and this is deselected. Few other chocies are enable and nothing seems to apply.

Nothing on Spotify setting seems to be appropriate.


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