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Help Streaming from NAS has stopped working.......


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Jul 14, 2010
My SGS2 has been updated to ICS today and for some reason I can't seem to stream video's from my NAS to my phone??? :thinking:

I have bought a Galaxy Tab 7.7 today and at first I thought it was just a problem with the Tab but it's definitely not working with my phone either!?!?!

Anyone got any suggestions???
Right, this is a bit strange - I can stream some video's to my S2 and others try to start but only play about 1 frame every 20 or so seconds!?!?!

Bizarrely though, it seems to be the HD stuff thats working and not the lower resolution stuff!!??

It cant be the format though because if I copy the file to the S2, it plays perfectly!!

Has anyone had a similar experience?
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