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Stress testing the Gorilla Glass 5

Oh... this was really painful to watch:

So don't drop your phone! :D

Hey!?? The phone features dual curved edges, glass, and you don't do the drop test on the those????? Or are we just supposed to conclude the obvious? I think if we were supposed to though, then we wouldn't need any drop testing at all...
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Well that is very disappointing how much easier the display scratches. I have a tempered glass screen protector on order, but it looks like it won't be here today like it was supposed to be. I figure it will be here sometime next week since they didn't even ship until late yesterday (even though I ordered it sunday!), and even then the tracking number is not coming up on DHL. I even paid the extra for expedited shipping. Tempted to send the damn thing back for a refund and just get a different brand. Don't like going without a tempered glass protector at all on my phones, and since the N7 scratches much more easily I will be very careful with it until it is protected.
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