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Root Stuck between HBOOT and recovery


Oct 26, 2011

I have been running a version (probably old) of insertcoin on my desire for a few months now. But yesterday decided that I should upgrade my 4gb memory card to a 16gb one but completely forgot about the custom rom etc.

I don't have that memory card any more and the phone would not boot without it. So i thought it would be a good idea to go into recovery and wipe lots of things trying to get back to some sort of 'default' or 'factory setting'.

I then was able to get to recovery and try to flash the rom again but the rom wouldnt boot so after a load of fiddling im stuck.

The phone will not enter recovery when the sd card is inside and gets stuck on the white htc screen when i select recovery.

When the sd card isn't inside I can get to recovery, but there is no way for me to get the sd card back in to try and flash a new rom.

Any help would be appreciated

Just an update, I formatted my card using the card reader and now I can get to the clockworkmod recovery while the sd card is in the phone.

I can now mount as external storage and try and install a new custom rom.

However I used rom manager (ive read on here that its no longer recommended) to sort out partitions etc on my previous rom so not sure how to go about this. About to try and install insertcoin again but fairly certain its not going to work.

Can anyone recommend a basic rom which will work to at least get me back up and running. or even better the best rom out there atm and hwo i could install it
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Did you not make a backup of the SD card before you changed it?
Did the old SD have an ext partition?
Have you created a ext on the new card? Because the correct way to go about it would have been, nandroid backup, copy entire contents of old SD to pc, create ext on new card, copy everything back, pop the card in, and restore nandroid. Well that's what I did and it worked fine for me.
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Yeah, my stupidity was not to backup the sd card. I believe the old had a ext partition, the new one doesn't. I kind of installed the insertcoin A2SD rom. which worked however i had no default apps like market and strangley settings??. Also had no lock screen etc so have to take battery out every time screen locks
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I tried to flash Insertcoin, my first one, on my freshly rooted desire,
it installs correctly and when I press "reboot system now" white screen with HTC logo appears.... and nothing seems to be happening after, I waited for 45 min, and still nothing.

Pls help, what I am doing wrong:thinking:

I used A2SD stock HBOOT version from the website.
PVT3-S-ON, Stock HBOOT!!!!
SD card with EXT4 - 1GB

Pls help....
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Wiped all prior flashing?

Yes I did. Used the option in the recovery >wipe and installed the zip file. Rebooted.... But got stuck....or....is it supposed to take very long?
Is S-Off must? I am not S-off.

Today I tried and installed the Gingerburst ROM. It seems to be working. So partition seems to be working. Not sure why am I not able install Icoin. :-(
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Also check ur sdcard by connecting to pc and run error check on the fat partition. If u have ext partition check gparted correctly recognizes the partitions.

Thank for all the replies...
I checked the partition in Gpart and it recognises correctly... also when I flashed GingerBurst ROM it seems to be recognises it fine and I see the extra space that I have been craving for...will try to flash the Icoin again soon as I get some time...
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