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Stuck in Boot Loop without Recovery


I have an LG Volt, from Freedompop (Sprint). I recently discovered I was able to root it and I did. Now, I had no idea what I was doing but everything went smoothly, I got xposed and flat style color bars for a nicer status bar, etc.

But today, I downloaded a boot animation and now I'm stuck in a bootloop. I don't have recovery for some reason, when I hold Vol - and Power, sometimes it shows "Factory Reset Processing" which would be fine except nothing happens.

I'm fine with deleting all the internal storage, it's pretty much just Puzzle and Dragons, I think my photos were backed up and also on my SD.

Can anyone help with this?

Thanks in advance :)
I replied to your PM. When you get to the factory reset screen, you need to let go of the buttons. If you have TWRP installed, it will take a couple minutes for it to come up. If you didn't install TWRP, then recovery isn't going to help you anyway and you need to follow the brick recovery guide which you mentioned you found in your PM.
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