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Help Stuck in Bootloop (Keeps loading Samsung Logo) - Loads after Removing SIM Card


Jul 18, 2022
While playing a simple game my phone suddenly restarted, till it reached Samsung logo, and kept restarting over and over.
I tried to shut down the phone by long pressing power button, but it kept restarting.
Finally I figured out to take the SIM card off, and it could load!
After it loads, everytime I insert the SIM againg it suddenly restarts, and repeats the bootloop again.
I tried to insert a friend's SIM card, the phone loads, but once I insert the PIN code, it restarts again, and bootloops again!

I also tried the following with the SIM card removed:
  • I scanned the phone for viruses, it was clean;
  • Safe Mode: bootloops with SIM card initially inserted, and same issue happens once SIM card inserted after loading Safe Mode.
I tried the following solutions:
  • Recovery Mode: I did only Wipe Cache, it did not solve;
  • Recovery Mode: I did factory reset, it did not solve;
  • Download Mode: I flashed stock ROM, did not solve (I did twice, once with and once without SIM card inserted);
  • Download Mode: Unlocked bootloader and flashed, did not solve!
Model: SM-G970F/DS Exynos.
Software: One UI 4.1, Android 12.
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actually if you can get to download mode, then you might be able to flash a firmware update. it may or may not wipe data. its been a while since i had to flash one. so backup accordingly.


instructions on how to flash it is on the website.

Thanks so much. I tried bt did not solve.
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