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Help STUCK IN HBOOT, What do I do?

Hi guys.

I am stuck in HBOOT currently, Ship s-off and of course my phone is rooted. What happened was my battery died sometime on the weekend and i tried turning it on to see the HBOOT screen. None of the buttons were responding when being pressed, not even the Vol. down + Power button was working... It randomly after a day decided to turn back on, then the next day i was at college and my battery went dead again and i'm now back at the HBOOT screen. I should have kept a check on it but i wasn't aware it would happen for a second time. Anyway...

I downloaded the PD98IMG.zip file and placed it on my goldcard (i'm on T-mobile) and attempted to re flash my device via the phone and left it for 6 hours or so whilst sleeping last night as it said it was parsing files. It sat on the same screen for the whole of the time. Saw a thread explaining how to do this via my MAC at XDA. Followed everything on the thread correctly apart from putting it into fastboot as my buttons arn't responding. It came back with am message 'radio' (24960 KB)... FAILED (status malformed (1 bytes))... As you could see it said failed. quite fed up now after looking for solutions since monday and i was hoping someone could come up with a fix :/.

If anyone knows whats going on with my DHD let me know ASAP. I am 95% sure its not bricked as its charging and turning on to HBOOT.

  • Power off your phone; you might need to remove the battery if you're 'stuck' on the white HTC bootloader screen. Make sure your phone is not connected to power or your PC via USB - in my case, it would automatically boot in this case and I'd be stuck again
  • Download a genuine HTC ROM for your phone; http://android.d3xt3r01.tk/cyanogen/ace/stock/1.32.405.6/PD98IMG.zip is the 1.32.405.6 image
  • Take out your SD Card and connect to your computer directly via a card reader
  • Copy the PD98IMG.zip file to the root of the SD Card
  • Reinsert the SD Card to your phone and whilst holding down the 'vol-' button on the left of the phone, press the power button
  • You're in the bootloader and in my case, it automatically started to recover from the zip on the SD Card; if not, follow the options to recover
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