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Root Stuck on "HTC" boot screen :s


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Oct 21, 2010
I just flashed Myns Two point Two. I used to Amon RA to wipe the things I needed to wipe and then installed the rom. Little to say that when I booted, it got stuck on the boot screen :S.

I've done a hard reset, booted to the loader, and wipe the data but to no avail.
*WHEW* Was able to flash BACK to the stock rom(I made sure I had the required files just in case I failed hard...). I'm going to let the phone charge up again and make sure everything is in order. I'll probably try flashing to Two Point Two with Rom Manager...

Ya. Next time make sure you make a Nandroid backup of a stable rom before you flash a new one. Just in case.

I remember the first time this same thing happen to me and I freaked out but was lucky I made a backup, even though then I had no idea that I even made one xD
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