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Help Stupid bell noise


Dec 21, 2021
I was playing games on my phone (Galaxy A10) when all of a sudden I get this stupid bell noise that started playing. I researched a bit about it on the web and thought I was experiencing the ''Postman's'' Notification sounds. However, after I finished the steps to get rid of the sounds, THEY STILL STAYED. I have tried other things to get rid of it, including deleting the game I was playing at the time, muting Email and Gmail notifications, deleting some sound files, making my ringtone silent as well as all notificafions, restarted my phone and the bell noises are still there! Someone please help!!!
UPDATE: I found the culprit
I am a big dumbass. Currently it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere and my fan is on in my room. My fan is causing my phone charger, which is on my desk to continuously shake and hit my metal drinkbottle, also on my desk, creating that horrid sound. I have deleted a game for nothing and am a big dumbass. I will never come onto this site again.
Thank you and goodbye.
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