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Help SU Logs


Feb 12, 2015
as if it wasn't enough to steal my identity I believe somebody is still d****** around inside my phone if I was to post some logs would somebody be willing to translate for meand possibly offer some script counter solutions? I just don't have the time to go through it all as of right now Much thx
If you suspect that your device has been compromised, the first thing to do is rescind all SU permission in your root management app (SuperSU, Superuser, SU Manager etc), forcing you to explicitly grant SU permission to any app that requests it.

I'd then advise resetting all passwords from a desktop browser (or other standalone device, not the suspect one) to counter/pre-empt any attempts to hijack online accounts.

Once that's done. I'd further advise a complete reset (factory data wipe) of the device. Skip the "automatically restore..." part of the setup procedure, and asap download AFWall+ from the Play Store. This excellent firewall app will guard against unwanted intrustions/external connections. Another app that comes highly recommended here is Network Connections, which will allow you to examine every external connection to/from your device.

By all means save and post logs, but the priority right now is to secure your device; the forensics can wait for the moment.
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I multitaskintainly done everything you mention like a hundred times over it seems.I'm talking over a combination of 30 plus desktop laptops and stand-alone devices.doesn't matter what I do nothing works and there's always a new way of intrusion and messing with my stuff.here's the newest thing got sick and tired of my main phone not working right so I finally decide to root it and what do you knownow the nature of my external SD and location has been changed all my recoveries are present with no datamy texting doesnt work my home screen is busted so I cant multitask.please don't recommend encrypted backups because that doesn't work it fails every single time...just doesn't matter my entire life cannot be enjoyed because I can't watch anything I can buy anything I can't do anything this is beyond ridiculous it's like dude is two steps ahead of me or right behind me the entire wayI'm really giving it everything I have in terms of trying to learn and become self taught but it just too much.. cant change ownership or permissions on anything now either.
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