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Root "Subtle" Notification Tone

download the zip file from the link below and put it on the root of your SD card and flash it via recovery.

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I found it a while ago floating around in the forums over at xda not sure who to give credit to but its not mine i just downloaded it lol. this gives you all the HTC ringtones and clock alarms back.
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It's cool.. the main reason I moved it was because other users may have noticed the differences in ringtones after rooting and may want to comment on that.

These stock HTC ringtones don't include one called "subtle," but maybe some of them could be useful to you:

www.scottschrob.com - /Q/public_folders/treefrog/HTC Ringtones/

..also, this soundpack has some from various device manufacturers:


(unzip that one to your sd card ;))
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