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Root successful root with no screen!


Android Enthusiast
Aug 16, 2011
Scottsdale, AZ
So, I recently came across the androidscreencast.jnpl and thought that it was a pretty nifty tool, especially since you can control your phone with your computer via mouse and keyboard(root only) and so I broke out my old V that I use to charge my spare batteries (since the screen is cracked, and once the V's screen cracks, its useless cause everything goes black) and saw the lock screen for the first time in almost a year. The touch screen still works, so I just used the computer as a viewer, and then judged where to touch on my phone, but this was a bit tedious. So I rooted it via superoneclick, and can now use my old v by plugging it into my computer, booting up androidscreencast, enabling the keyboard and mouse by entering a few commands in cmd/adb.. so now, after I back it up and make a recovery, I can use it to test various things without worrying about screwing up my full functioning V, which means, that I might be able to kick start the life of a developer and work on my wp7 rom project. :D
Ha thanks, although it is my old phone, that for some reason I decided to keep for almost a year now :p
and I somehow managed to lose the power button... after the 5th time of taking my phone apart(practicing for installing a new display screent, whenever I decide to buy one) so I'm not too eager to get it fixed up just yet. For now, its just my spare battery charger/experimental phone/paperweight :p
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