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Suddenly lost all mobile signal.


Jan 8, 2023
My phone suddenly lost all signal. The signal strength icon shows a circle with a line through it. I have replaced them sim, tried other sims and the 2nd sim slot. I have done a factory reset on the phone it its still the same.

I dont know what the fault could be. is there a way of telling if it is the SIM card reader or something else? The SIM manager shows my phone number but then Unknown, in what I presume should have been the carrier name.

I can get a SIM repair through SAMSUNG for £99 but I dont know if that will fix the problem. I dont want to spend that much only to find out it isn't the issue.

Are there any suggestions to see if it is a SIM card reader issue or an larger fault with the phone.
OK, so your SIM card is presumably not the problem since it works in a different phone. That rules out your carrier and your SIM card as potential problems. A different SIM card also not working in your phone however does indicate your phone is the problem.
-- Have you just restarted your phone lately? If this is due to some one--off glitch than a reboot might clear things up.
-- Look in your Settings menu for a Network Settings Reset option and try that. Note that involves all network related services so it will wipe all WiFi, cellular, and Bluetooth options back to their default settings. (I.e. saved WiFi network entries will be deleted along with previous Bluetooth pairings)
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This might not be relevant but your phone apparently does not include support for 5G cellular connectivity:
In the Settings menu, try disabling 5G so that forces your phone to only work with 4G/LTE again and see if that makes a difference.

(Keep in mind that 5G support in any smartphone involves a cellular radio chip that's typically soldered onto the phone's logic board, it's not something that can added in something like a software or even a new SIM card. It's a hardware matter, not software. So eventually, you do need give more serious thought to upgrading to a newer phone. Your S10e is coming up on four years old so it's still quite usable but increasingly out-of-date.)
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