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Help suddenly my phone is unable to send text messages

red chumpo

Apr 22, 2010
so today my htc desire has decided that it won't send any text messages. phone calls work, signal is fine, but whenever i send a text it just buzzes and says it's unable to send. i last successfully sent a text yesterday (20th may) at 23:39. haven't installed any apps since or anything like that.

i am very frustrated. this is basic stuff here that a phone should be able to do. anyway, eventually it gives up and tells me:

"Unable to send message after multiple attempts."

any ideas?
I'm with Orange and have had this problem since getting the phone about 2 weeks back.

I don't send many messages, but I reckon about 1 in 4 fail and give me the above error messages

Any suggestions!?

I'm also with Orange, for the last few days my messages don't send, outgoing calls don't connect, incoming calls go straight to voicemail :(. I called Orange today, although the guy said there is a problem with the mast in my area, I don't feel at all confident, as one of my mates who is on an orange desire doesn't seem to have these problem :thinking:.......I'm expecting a return call from them tomorow.....
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