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Suggest some free apps to get.

Apps I use:

AndFTP - This has geven me full FTP access to my iMac enabling me to upload and download pictures and music anywhere in my house.

Android System Info - Full of geeky info on your handset if you're into that kind of thing.

Info Droid - quick access to space used on your hero, sdcard and battery life.

Kids Paint - My daughter loves this app.

MixZing Lite - this seems to be a faster music player compared to the Hero default one. I like the fullscreen widget too.

Photoshop Mobile - Quickly edit pictures stored on your phone

Wifi Analyzer - This scans for local wireless acces points and suggests an optimal channel for your wireless access point.

Wardrive - This maps wifi access points onto Google maps and lets you upload any open ecces points to Wardrive Database

Those are a few I use!
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3G Watchdog : keeps track of your internet usage to ensure you dont exceed your contract limit

AK Notepad : Great notepad app

App Manager : lets you backup & restore apps to/from SD card

Apps Organizer : Allows you to create folders of app shortcuts on your homescreen

Astro File Manager : This is essential IMO

aTrack Dog : checks for new versions of apps

barcode scanner : reads normal and QR barcodes, use this when viewing Androlib.com on your PC for a really easy way to find and install apps.

cab4me : gets cab company phone numbers local to wherever you are

Google sky map : fun and educational app, really shows off the motion tracking capabilities of the phone

GPS Status : shows you how many GPS satellites are visible to your phone and where they are

G-Mon : hardcore wardriving app

Hungry! : Simple but effective shopping list app

iFlight UK : live departure and arrival boards for most uk airports (might be a paid app)

Keepscreen : stops apps (you select which apps) from timing out the screen

Layar : Virtual reality overlays on top of your camera view

Picsay Pro : (paid app, but there is a free lite version) fun photo editor

Movies : movie reviews and shows what's on at local cinemas (inlcluding showtimes)

Mybackup Pro : app for backup up all of your data, essential when youre upgrading firmware or doing a factory reset (paid app, but there's a 30 day free version)

Ringdroid : lets you edit mp3s and set them as a ringtone

Places Directory : Lists of stuff near you

Taskpanel : great free task manager / task killer

Twidroid : Twitter client - miles better than Peep

Wallpaper Plus : (might be paid) More flexibility & features when setting wallpapers

Wifi Analyzer : essential app for optimising and debugging your wireless network
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Maverick : Spent too much time playing with this today! It's a free mapping app that caches the data so you can view the map without mobile-net/wifi. You can choose from several map overlays (google/open-streetmap/bing), share way points, track paths etc.

It's gone straight to the top of my favourite app list.

Last.fm : I never used to be a fan of last.fm (due to using spotify instead), however the app is great and lets me listen to new music on the go.

Meebo IM : A good app for connecting to MSN (and other chat protocols).

SkypeLite : It's not bad - don't think it supports voice, just chat.
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