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Suggestions & help finding a good protective case for my Sony Xperia 1 III

Hannibal 99

Jun 11, 2022
Wow, OK so I'm 1st post ever under this....

I'm looking for suggestions on protective cases for my Sony Xperia 1 III, seems they're few & far between unfortunately... Sony doesn't even offer 1 for it in the USA currently and their support staff aren't allowed to suggest anything else either (though otherwise their CS been exponentially better than Samsung)

I'm looking for a protective case that's really good at protecting phone body, internal components/circuit boards/chips, etc and ideally offers decent protection of screen from cracks... Or at least a quality screen protector against cracks, chipping, etc that will work well with a protective phone case and not intefere or noticeably reduce effectiveness, loudness & sound quality of the 2nd stereo loudspeaker (which is located at bottom of phone screen, and like some of Sony Bravia TVs, essentially uses the screen as the speaker cone to generate sound, quite effectively I must say, so covering/dampening screen heavily will probably have negative effect). The USB port is in usual place at bottom of phone, the 3.5mm/¼" headphone audio output jack is at top & left side of phone. The volume, power/lock & unlock, digital assistant & camera pic button are all on right side of phone. The MICRO SD card & sim card slot are on upper left but don't care if they're covered by case when it's on the phone.

Case can be a tad bit on bigger side and a weigh fairly decent amount, but preferably not a huge, clunky, adds tons of weight type case. Obviously would prefer it be light, relatively thin but still very robust in protection & shock/drop absorption abilities as well as being overall durable, which are by far the main priorities. Would greatly prefer if case works well with quality, ideally glass/hard screen protectors or case has/comes with 1 of them.

Would really prefer if case allows phone to retain it's wireless charging, NFC, etc function & capabilities still with case installed on phone.

These aren't required, but would be nice if case had them:

Hand strap or maybe a wrist strap

"kickstand" type ability on back of protective case

Possibly a single stylus carrier/holder spot

Either the protective case comes with or would like some suggestion on either a belt clip carrier case where phone in protective case snaps securely into belt clip carrier, or more preferably it slides into/out of opening at the top of belt clip carrier/holder (1 that holds phone fairly securely, but easy enough to grab upper sides of phone to pull out. I had 1 for old phone years ago that had decently thick & protective semi hard foam & pleather front attached via some spandex/stretchy material to a fairly rigid back that had the belt clip on it, and a thicker, durable, very flexible material as bottom portion of it. It was very useful & phone didn't ever fall out, nor pop out more than ⅓ of way, usually less, even when dropped a good bit onto hard surface)

I don't need card & ID holders like a travel wallet (or worse, a murse lol), magnetic flip cover, premium real Levant Leather, etc, nor some eclectic patterns & colors, etc. Blacks, greys, very dark purples/violets, darker true/imperial/ruby reds are fine, some simple or clean looking patterns are fine (though I loathe poka dots, juvenile themes, feminine styles, loud/obnoxious stuff, cheap/obnoxious metal flake, florescent, etc). Simple, classic, less is more, though nice looking, well done & understated undertones, pearlescence, light metal flake/metallic, "midnight" colors can be nice and is fine, but simple or elegant/bespoke, traditional more masculine & functional is more my speed, otherwise not concerned with style statement.

Ideally available in North America/USA, very preferably not shipped directly from China (preferably not made there but that's a nearly impossible task).

$15-$75 USD is preferred price ranges, though for right options of great quality, etc, $100-$175 USD is potentially worthwhile.



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