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Help Superoneclick or Step by Step

Well I am deciding to take the dive and root my phone it seems the way to go to do what ever you want with the phone. But I am unsure what would be the safest way. Step by Step looks like a task to follow in detail with no mistakes but can be done, but I am also hearing about this Superoneclick which with a click of a button does it for you. But sometimes when it sounds to easy and good I guess you question yourself so I thought I ask you guys.

Once I root the phone and for some reason I may need to take it back to the retail shop is unrooting and bring my phone back to factory settings as easy?

And do I need that USB jig?
i use the CF root method, its the best and easiest for me
[17.08.2011][CF-Root v4.1] KE2/7/8, KF1/2/3/4, KG1/2/3/5/6/7, KH1/3 - su+bb+CWM4 - xda-developers

just find the corresponding CF root kernel to ur firmware (ie if ur running KG5, find the KG5 CF root kernel) and flash it via odin,and ur done!

if u flash ur original stock firmware that u had before updating and rooting, u will lose root... but im not sure if its good enough to maintain ur warranty. u might need a usb jig to clear ur flash counter too
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