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Help Superpad 3 Market & Firmware


Dec 30, 2011
Hi, firstly apologoies these questions will most likely have been answered but looking through all the posts for the last hour, all I only found was users arguing so am looking for some constructive help.

Model Number: Android Tab 10
Android Version: V2.3 2011-11-21 (001112)
Kernel Version: root @ wanhua-desktop #206
Build number: FRF85B

1) Firstly can I upgrade Gingerbread to Android 3+ Honeycomb on this tab?

2) Can someone supply me with the link to the manufactures homepage? Or where I can get genuine firmware flashes.

3) Is there a modded firmware for this model, (although not overly concerned if it is not Android 3+)

4) My first problem I noticed with this tab was in MarketPlace. I signed on with a previous Google Account for a Android phone of mine. When I accessed the market it gave me $ not
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