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Switch 2 Incred - currently have Eris or wait?


Jan 1, 2010
So I currently have an Eris, and am up for a promotional price upgrade soon. I like the android system, and the eris is good in concept, but it is just sooo slooooow, freezes, etc. In fact, if it had a processor that could handle what the OS is actuallly trying to do, I dont think I would switch unless there was a great deal or something. From what I can tell, the Incred is a great phone with fast speed. If you were in my shoes, would you get the Incredible, something else, or wait for the next 'better' phone? Thanks!
Well... if you always wait for the "next great phone"... you'll always be waiting.

With that said, there are some really good phones coming out in the next couple of months (duel core processor's and such) so at this point I might wait.

I guess it depends on how long you tend to keep your phones for. If you are the type of person that keeps it for 2-3 years (like me) then I might wait a couple more months. If you upgrade a lot, go for it now.

I will say, the Incredible is a great phone! Totally love this thing and have managed to get 3 of my iPhone friends to switch to Android because of it (granted they all stayed with AT&T so they didn't get the Dinc, but it's still progress ;)). But I had my Dare for close to 3 years because when my NE2 came up there wasn't anything that interested me out there. I kept an eye on the Incredible for months (didn't get it at release, I never get phones at release), kept an eye on reviews (especially user reviews) and then got it in June. Unless it dies on me, I'll have this until at least June 2012, maybe longer.
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Thanks Tera. I def understand the whole 'if you are always waiting for the next best thing, you will never get anything.' From what I am reading, and which you confirm, the Incredible is super fast. I tend to get a new phone per year or so, but as with everyone, cash is low, so I am not so sure at this point. I may wait a few months and see how much I can deal with the lag on my eris. The dual core processor phones coming down the pike sound interesting. I just dont want to get the Incredible, and be unhappy with it. Then I will be kicking myself.
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I'd say wait.

Depending on how patient you are, Droid Pro is coming out soon.

I'm assuming you're with Verizon, but if you're looking to use a different carrier, there are other good options.

You can bet there are going to be some new things announced soon as the holidays are coming up.

That being said, the Droid Incredible is still very good. The only reason I have to get a different phone within the next 2 years will be if I break it somehow and my warranty doesn't cover even a discounted replacement.
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Soccer - Yup. I am with Verizon. I think I should be able to hold out until the holidays. I am just getting seriously frustrated w/ the Eris. The lag is nuts. 10-15 seconds to get the dialer to pop up. Same thing with trying to send text messages. My wife has a bad habit of sending me like 5 texts in a row rather then just send one long message. When she does that my phone just freezes, and it takes at least a minute for it to catch up again. ugh.
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Don't forget you get 30 days to exchange it for a different phone or return it for your old one. You can give the Incredible (or Droid X/Samsung Fascinate) a try, and if you either aren't pleased or find out something else is coming soon, swap for it or return the new one until the upcoming phone is released.

There is a HUGE difference in performance between the Eris and Incredible.
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I have a rooted Eris and it's a fantastic phone, night and day from what it was stock with 1.5 or 2.1
I have CM Tazz FroYo rom on it and it's very snappy and smooth.

That being said I love my Incredible , tried switching to the Fascinate and it just wasn't on par with the Incredible. IMO the Incredible is the best Android phone on Verizon, and you will not be unhappy switching to it and using it for a year when phones with major upgrades start rolling out. I honestly don't think LTE Android Phones will start rolling out until March
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Incredible is probably the best phone out for verizon right now. None of the motorola droids come close to it IMO, but that is because i love sense and HTC so my opinion is lop-sided. If you liked the eris you will love the incredible, im not sure of the phones coming out soon, but i dont think htc has one coming out for awhile. I would get it, if something better comes out, hopefully you ill have an upgrade by then. I always do the one year contract because of that.
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Dinc readability (or lack of) in bright sunlight is one issue you should consider.

The Eris is no better in Direct Sunlight. Honestly most the full touch screen are pretty bad in Direct Sunlight. The only ones that I've used that weren't really an issue is the Iphone4 Retina Display and the Samsung "4 Super AMOLED isn't too shabby but still not great
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