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Root Switch between ICS and CM7?

I've been trying out the CM9 nightlies here and there but cant seem to find any change log. Last big thing was that the audio out is working now. Besides that I honestly haven't seen any superficial changes that I have noticed. Oh and as far as things that don't work go I believe that there is still no youtube or flash support.

AND thanks colchiro. I thought that might have been the answer but I figured it was worth a shot.
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how far along is the ICS rom on the Nook right now? I haven't stayed on top it lately.

I have a nightly running, video playback works well. Same with audio. Flash works. I have chrome beta installed and it seems to be the yes browser. The stock browser crashes occasionally but still works. It runs very smoothly. Then again i have all transitions set to standard. In all its pretty stable.
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