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Help Swype: How to get the default suggestions, and how to remove keyboard from the screen?


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Jun 17, 2010
I'm loving Swype so far, but two issues have come up that I haven't found solid solutions for yet:

1. When I type an email address into the To: field of my Gmail app, the Swype suggestion box pops up instead of the default that used to pop up before (which actually contained email addresses, whereas the Swype list does not). Is there a way to not have it do this for these types of input boxes, or at least to remove the Swype suggestion list while still retaining what I've type (and letting the default suggestion list appear)?

Sometimes swiping upward on the list will make it go away, but often it will choose the top option in the list (thus replacing what I was actually typing). Sometimes this will work to remove the Swype list and give me back my old list, but not always, so maybe I'm doing different things without realizing it.

2. The other issue is how do I make the keyboard go away (mainly in landscape mode) so I can see other things on the screen? The default keyboard used to have a key that made the keyboard slide away. When in landscape mode, often there will be just one text box on the screen (such as in Gmail again) and you can't scroll around the page as long as the keyboard is there. So how do I make it go away?

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issue 1
from homescreen hit your menu button, select options>language and keyboards>swype... take off word prediction and set "word choice window to a little over half.

But will turning off word prediction mean I never get suggestions? How would it work if it guesses my word wrong then? Would I just have to manually type it?

Also, I already have the word choice window frequency set very low, so I know that's not the issue. It's just that when typing email addresses, Swype naturally doesn't know what I'm typing so it immediately brings up the list of suggestions for actual words, as opposed to strange email addresses.

Edit: Ah, I just tried it. Word prediction only applies when actually *typing*, so yeah, that seems to be just what I needed! Thanks!
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