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Help Swype Not Auto Spacing after JB Install

I recently updated my stock Galaxy S2 GTI9100 to Jelly Bean and ever since Swype will not auto space in the stock browser. It works fine with emails and texts etc, but if i open up Google Now and browse to a web-page where i want to insert some text, Swype won't auto space. It does work in Firefox however.

I have checked to ensure Auto-Space is checked in the settings btw! Swype version is showing as with no updates available.

Any help would be appreciated, i have been using Swype for almost 2 years now.
Same problem I found after my phone was sent for repair and came back with the update. I did post about it here some time ago but got no responses. I have found no way to rectify this and started using another browser to get around it but I much prefer the stock browser.

Is this not a problem that anyone else is finding?
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