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Synchronising with a new PC

I'm going to start using a new PC. This will have Outlook on it, which will have all my calendar and contacts copied from my old PC. I will also have my phone, which will have my contacts, and some of my calendar entries.

If I synchronise them as they stand, I will probably end up with duplicates of everything. If I delete everything on the phone, I might delete everything from Outlook too. Anyway, I don't know how to delete everything and don't want to delete everything one-by-one.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Yes, I know that I wouldn't have these problems if I synchronised by Google. I will not be using Gmail to synchronise contacts until it implements firstname and surname fields. I do want to synchronise the calendar via Google, but still need to be able to delete all my PCSync calendar entries before synchronising via Google.

I know that I can choose not to display my PCSync calendar entries on the phone, but that's not an ideal solution, because they're still there.

The advice that I got from HTC doesn't match with any menu options I have on the HTC Desire.

Back up your PC calender to CSV first just in case. Menu settings, accounts and data, untick calender and plug into sync with your PC. All calender entries should hten be removed from phone but left on the PC.
I'm sorry if this has been asked before.

Thanks in advance.


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