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Jan 1, 2013
I just unlocked to my Centura to find that a system update is available. It took me by surprise. Maybe this fixes the time issue? I don't know if this is a Straight Talk only update or if TracFone and Net10 is also included. I'm installing it now.

It finished and said it updated 55 apps, and it looks like there is also a new kernel version.


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Thanks for posting this! Makes me very excited. My kernel is one letter off from yours, now. I am hyped and cant wait til it gets to mine.. if it does. Let us know if you see any changes and if you can.. find something that tella your ram amount? Am hoping it frees up more than 396t mb total out of the advertised 512mb. Thanks man.
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No problem, I'm always excited about updates lol. You could always go to system system settings, about phone and manually check for the update. The ram is still the same but I'm thinking the missing ram is maybe reserved for the OS and the reported ram is just for apps. I could be wrong but It seems like I've read this somewhere about another phone.

I just found the post I was referring to. It's about the Epic 4G but supposedly Android uses that missing RAM for the cache.

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My clock fix was this --

system settings > date and time
Checkmark - automatic date & time

Select your time zone

Get an app titled ClockSync
install ClockSync

You should be good to go

After rooting I had McTweek installed and it was an app that, even with the fixes I previously mentioned, caused problems with my time.

When I would loose time it was always 5 hours. So clearly the phone was handshaking with a network that was 5 hours difference.

Hope it fixes your time problem beause it fixed mine (at least so far).

The update didnt fix my clock issue.. updated this morning and now my clock is 6 hours slow

War. War never changes
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