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Root [T-Mobile] Problem with Superuser app. How do I get rid of it?


Mar 9, 2010
I followed instructions here(How to Root Galaxy S4 using TWRP Method! | GalaxyS4Root.com) to root my phone but ran into the issue that SU fails to update and I have kernel version UVUFNB4. I then made a backup of my phone using TWRP recovery, copied to the SD card.
I then decided to not even move forward with this effort (forget about this whole rooting). I reset my phone using the samsung Reset menu but after reset the same Superuser app was still there (with the same error). I also looked at the internal storage of the phone and nothing was wiped. I thought reset will wipe everything and I will get stock phone back. How do I get back to my stock phone (with or without TWRP).
I just want to get rid of this broken Super user app. Any advise would be very much appreciated.
I am going to try that now and let you know. Thanks

Can you help me with the other part of my question? Isn't resetting the phone supped to get rid of SU and wipe and reset the whole internal storage of the phone?

No that won't get rid of it,It is embedded in the OS.To get rid of SuperSU/Superuser,You go in to SU app setting and find permanent unroot.
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