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TAB 4 connects to mobile hotspot but not wifi router


Jun 11, 2020
My tablet shows it is connected to home wifi (Comcast router) and the wifi icon shows data traffic arrows going up and down but any data dependent app (Chrome, Prime video, Netflix, Youtube, Google Play store) will not connect, says there is no connection/no internet. The Chrome error message is: ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED. All other devices in the home connect fine. The tablet DOES work fine using different mobile hotspots however from both of my phones. I have rebooted and cleared the browser data and cache and rebooted the router. Any ideas? I have not tried it on a public wifi hotspot or different home network yet but will try that as well.
Never mind, I deleted the network and reconnected and entered password and it is now working. Why would it say it is connected if it is a password issue?
it is probably connected to the tablet, but the router had no access to the internet due to the password. not really sure why that is.

but even though it says connected and you are still having issues, the very first step to troubleshooting would be to reboot the router. even though other devices are connected rebooting the router should fix most issues with your device.
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