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Help Tab S MHL crashing tablets dead.

Hi guys. Just wanting to know if anyone has experienced anything similar. Or has any insight to what my be going on here.

Two weeks ago today I received myself a nice shiny new tab s 8.4. Wanted it for many reasons, partly to view programmes on TV over 4G. So I spent a small fortune on the tiny little samsung 2.0 MHL adapter for hdmi viewing.

All seemed well until I removed the device from the adapter (power lead and hdmi to TV still plugged in) the tablet went completely dead. By dead I mean wouldn't turn on, was impossible to do a soft reset. So I called my mobile provider whom I purchased the tab from who sent out a replacement.

Just yesterday I received my replacement brand new tablet. And iv been watching stuff on my tv via the mhl again. And hey presto same thing again, when plugging the tab into the mhl. Tab is completely dead.

I have to say I am not very impressed. I love the tab s otherwise, just wondering whether it's mhl problem or a problem with the tab s in general.

Cheers guys


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