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samsung galaxy tab s 8.4

  1. Android News

    The HTC 10, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 and others get official LineageOS 14.1 builds

    LineageOS is officially supporting a number of new devices including the following with their 14.1 builds. . . - HTC 10 (pme) - Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 (n1awifi) - Wileyfox Storm (kipper) - Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi (klimtwifi) - Galaxy S II (i9100)
  2. Android News

    The Galaxy Tab S 8.4 in the Netherlands is now receiving the update to Android Marshmallow

    Owners of the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 in the Netherlands have started receiving the OTA update to Android Marshmallow.
  3. S

    Has anyone know anything about the mySamsung app?

    I took my Tab S 8.4 in to the local Samsung warranty repair place (I'd been experiencing problems with sudden shutting down - hopefully fixed after what she did), and in the process of talking me through the problem, she mentioned the new mySamsung app and showed it to me on her phone. I think...
  4. M

    SD card taking ages to mount

    I have a 128GB SD card mounted in my tab S8.4. The SD card is taking ages to mount when I turn the tablet on. I have re-formated it but no luck. Any ideas how I can fix this?
  5. R

    Help Recover pictures deleted

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. Is there a way to recover pictures deleted via the garbage can, like in Windows?
  6. smallblue


    i can't find activation lock on my galaxy 8.4.... any idea where can i find it? i don't want to reset my phone.
  7. eddeye

    norton locked screen when changed sim card

    When i put in another sim card yesterday norton mobile locked my tablet and is asking for a passcode, but the problem is that there is no keyboard showing up so i can put in the passcode. So i got in touch with norton to and try and help me with this, and the advicer said that it maybe a android...
  8. Android News

    Official CyanogenMod Support Comes to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi and Tab S 8.4 LTE

    For those who aren't really a fan of TouchWiz but still own one of these Samsung tablets, you might be happy to learn that CM12.1 support is coming the 10.5" WiFi variant of the Galaxy Tab S as well as the 8.4" LTE variant. Galaxy Tab S 10.5 WiFi http://get.cm/?device=chagallwifi Galaxy Tab S...
  9. K

    Avoiding KitKat

    When my 5S was updated to KitKat the battery life was decreased by more than 50% My Tab S bugs me to update to KitKat and I continue to avoid it. Reading the page of notes that comes with the prompting to update to KitKat it reminds me of reading the side effects of certain drugs. The side...
  10. V

    Wow, Thanks, Samsung

    Just "upgraded" my Tab S 8.4 to 5.02. I dont understand why Samsung will put Marshmellow on older devices, but strands us with an older version of Lollipop. I hate to say it, hut an iPad may be in my future Jim
  11. M

    Help Trying to use Logitech F310 controller with Galaxy Tab S 8.4

    I bought a Logitech F310 to use with my Galaxy Tab S 8.4, including a USB OTG adapter, but it is not being recognized. Are there settings that need to be changed, or is there an app I need to download? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. V

    Accessories 5.0.2

    This is the software my Tab S is running. Is there an update out for this? I thought 5.1 was for tge Tab S, but my Tab says it is up to date Any informationwould be appreciated jim
  13. D

    Where to buy tab s 8.4 in Canada.

    Hi so I was planning on buying a Tab s 8.4 during the Christmas months but it suddenly is no longer available. I can't find it anywhere. Even at London drugs! I was wondering if they still make it and where to find a food deal. Preferably in store. The one place I found that still sells it is...
  14. V

    Help Tab S Hates eBay

    It seems shameful, but my new Tab S pukes when i try to do a search on eBay. I get to my home page fine, but any search it freezes up and becomes inoperative. Any idea on how to cortect this? Is there something in my security settings that may be getting angry? TIA Jim
  15. C

    Help screen glitches and crashing

    I've had my Galaxy Tab S since May and lately there have been a lot of crashes where the device will reboot or the screen might put itself on standby. Was finding it to be a problem with Snapchat the most so I uninstalled and started getting rid of any apps that might cause a crash. Formatted my...
  16. Soapm

    Help Backup ROM

    I want to try a few custom ROM's just to see if I can get spell check working on my Galaxy Tab S 8.4. Is there a way to back up an image of my current ROM, try a few custom ROM's and restore my device to exactly how it is now if I don't like the custom ROM's? I have plenty of space on my Linux...
  17. Soapm

    Help Screen Lock

    I have a Galaxy Tab S 8.4, anyone know where the setting is to turn off the screen lock when I close the tablet. I have a finite case and like to fold it back on itself when lecturing. However, the screen keeps randomly turning off which my best guess must be the magnets is telling the tablet...
  18. Jared Buck

    Help Tiny little horizontal lines appearing on my display (worse with some apps)

    Hi, shortly after my birthday I noticed that the display on my samsung galaxy tab s is starting to display small horizontal lines (they are faint but sometimes using certain apps makes them more visible). I've done some research and I usually know a problem like this appearing is because the...
  19. A

    Help Tab S MHL crashing tablets dead.

    Hi guys. Just wanting to know if anyone has experienced anything similar. Or has any insight to what my be going on here. Two weeks ago today I received myself a nice shiny new tab s 8.4. Wanted it for many reasons, partly to view programmes on TV over 4G. So I spent a small fortune on the tiny...
  20. A

    Help Lollipop on Tab S 8.4 uk

    If I buy this tablet in UK will I be able to upgrade to Lollipop? Found this but it only mentions Korea:- http://www.youmobile.org/blogs/entry/Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-S-8-4-Official-Android-5-0-2-Lollipop-update-is-Rolling-out
  21. G

    Getting rid of "special" home screen

    I'm coming to the Tab S 8.4 from a LG G-Pad 8.3 Google Edition and also have a Nexus 5. IOW, I'm used to plain-vanilla Android and not having so much manufacturer's crud taking up home screen space, etc. So the first thing I did was to delete all those pre-installed widgets and disable a bunch...
  22. T

    Accessories Mhl to hdmi

    What's a good, reasonably priced, MHL to HDMI cable for my tab s 8.4 been reading and there's a lot out there but some with compatibility problems. Thanks in advance for any help
  23. Well Done Sheldon

    Root Bloatware, Titanium and You. - - * For the Newly Rooted *- - Tab S 8.4 SM-T700

    **WARNING I'm not responsible for what you do to your device. You make your own choices. ** So you've rooted your Tab S and now you're just itching to destroy some bloatware, I know the feeling. Just the fact that it is sitting there, unwanted, useless, cluttering up your app drawer and...
  24. D

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4-Inch battery replaceable?

    I'm considering the 8.4" Tab S, but would like to know if the battery can be replaced after it reaches the end of it's life cycle. I don't mind a little modding if I have to. Also, can you use the GPS function with Google maps (aerial images?) as a fully functional navigation unit w/o wifi or...
  25. C

    Root SU prompt for app doesn't allow me to press "Grant"

    Hi - I'm a new T700 user. Got it home and immediately rooted it via instructions here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-tab-s/development/official-chainfire-cf-auto-root-sm-t700-t2960171 That seemed to have worked fine. I booted to recovery, and the only issue then was it was erroring...